Through AI, we can out-live our past by building a cleaner and smarter tomorrow.

Tluka Business Enterprises CC, is business Catalyst.

Our aim is to create a skill-bridge into particular industries and create opportunities that will be both profitable and long-term yielding.

Our history spans from 2003, born out of need for changed in economies of scale and balancing economics, Our previous history brought a lot of dismay but also created an environment that was highly competitive caused by lack of space to operate. Service for many industries look a back seat and a subtantiuoal amount of contracts were awarded before they are advertised, meanwhile every skilled person chased that 1 opportunity, which also created pathways to underhanded and below the counter transaction.

Tluka Business Enterprise CC’s thought process is to find alternative and none-ethically incorrect business process by creating Self Opportunities, from each of our needs, we create a business model that can address. In achiving that we setup different entities to tackle those opportunities and thus far we have identified the following:

  • Information & Communications Technology
    • Hot & Cold Technologies (Refrigeration)
  • Further Education and Training
    • ICDL
    • PHP & MYSQL
  • Tluka Multi-Construction
    • Alternatives to Brick and Motar
    • IBR Based Modern Homes
    • Steel and Wood Combination Builds
      • Welding Works

Our Mission is to effectively convert our needs into profitable entities and be teleological in their nature.